The benefits of using WordPress Templates

Riding the digital wave with WordPress

If you’re to fully exploit the opportunities presented to your company by the web, it’s really important that you have a top-quality website. Here at Kumo Ink we provide our customers with professionally designed websites using WordPress templates. Quite simply, we believe this is the best approach.

It’s worth noting that WordPress powers more than 17 per cent of the web. Individuals and organisations use it for everything from simple websites to complex portals and corporate sites.


There are a host of advantages associated with WordPress. For example, it is simple to use, meaning you don’t have to have a degree in IT to get to grips with it. Connected with this, it’s easy to publish information using the content management system (CMS). You can add new pages and posts, and insert media onto your site with ease. At the click of a button, your content will go live. It’s also simple to create drafts, schedule publications and make post revisions.

In addition, WordPress offers considerable flexibility. It can be used to create personal blogs or websites, photo blogs, professional portfolios, magazines, news sites, online communities, business websites and more. It’s also worth noting that different people can be granted varying access to the sites. For example, administrators manage the sites, editors work with content and contributors can create this content.

Meanwhile, every piece of WordPress generated code is created in full compliance with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium – an international community led by internet inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee. This means WordPress sites work in today’s browser while maintaining forward compatibility with the next generation of browser.

Code Is Poetry

Another benefit of WordPress concerns the plugins available. The CMS comes with a host of features and users also have access to a plugin directory, allowing them to add such things as complex galleries, social media widgets, spam protection, forums and search engine optimisation (SEO) controls.

Getting noticed in cyberspace

There’s no point in developing a superb looking, intuitive and appealing website if no one gets to see it, and this is why effective SEO is so important. Google loves WordPress sites because they tend to be well structured and regularly updated. The internet giant has even gone as far as recommending WordPress for business sites. About the CMS, Google software engineer Matt Cutts says:  “WordPress is a great choice.” According to the expert, the system “takes care of 80 to 90 per cent of (the mechanisms of) search engine optimisation”.

These are just some of the ways in which having a WordPress site may benefit your firm. To find out more, take a look around our website or get in touch.