Facebook development services for Business

While Facebook has become a mandatory networking tool for the bright young things of today, there remains an amazingly large number of professionals and businesses who do not embrace all that if offers.  Yes it can be seen as a medium for voyeuristic behaviour and yes, too many of us spend too much time reading about mundane issues on there, but it is also a great platform for sharing images and information of interest to specific groups of people.

Many consumers love to feel a strong connection to the products and services that they care about and if you brand your business well and have enough good information to share, users will Like, comment and share their experiences with you – all of which is invaluable for market research and lead generation.  Businesses are becoming fully interactive with their clients and prospects – and this is something that we always bear in mind when providing our clients with Facebook development services.

Embedded Posts

We were delighted, then, to discover Facebook’s intention to make embedded posting available to all users less than a month after the new feature was first revealed. Initially intended to be exclusive to a select group of publishers, CNN and Huffington Post among them, the feature allows Facebook posts to be embedded onto third party sites where they will be updated on a rolling basis. Once this is in full effect, social media updates will never be far away, their impact extending far beyond the site from which they originate.

In addition to making the new feature available to all, it’s also been notably improved. Enhancements include allowing videos- not just those from Instagram- to be embedded, greater ease of access to embed codes and allowing embedded posts to be viewed on a majority of mobile devices.

In many ways, Facebook is finally catching up with Twitter, the rapid rise of which can at least in part be attributed to the way the brand spread itself across a wide variety of platforms. Windows will effectively be placed onto sites, offering browsers the ability to engage with a vast array of shared information while ensuring that all embedded content is neatly self-contained.


This news came as Facebook announced the launch of Internet.org, an initiative intended to spread the benefits of being connected to the internet across the world. Working alongside some of the tech industry’s most prominent names as well as various NGOs, the company’s aim is to make internet access more efficient and accessible for all. It’s estimated that two thirds of the world are currently without access to the web and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to change this. In his own words, “There are huge barriers in developing countries to connecting and joining the knowledge economy. Internet.org brings together a global partnership that will work to overcome these challenges, including making internet access available to those who cannot currently afford it.”

It’s true that, for many impoverished people in the developing and western world’s alike, social media could not be further from their minds. Nevertheless, Internet.org offers proof of what a truly global sensation Facebook is and will continue to become. The internet is connecting the planet, a fact that all businesses with hopes of longevity have no choice but to acknowledge. With this being the case, the benefits of effectively integrating social media into your company are simply immeasurable.

Facebook Development Services

If your company would like to develop your brand on Facebook, Kumo Ink can brand the page and set up tabs to highlight the products or services you would like to promote here.  Facebook users like to stay within Facebook once the platform is open and leaving this social platform uncovered in your web marketing strategy may leave the door open for competitors.

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