Well designed websites – essential for business marketing

Not so long ago a website was a luxury.  If a business did have one it was a brochure site online. But that was then and this is now. The first thing that anyone does these days when they meet a potential supplier, client or even potential partner is to check out their website.  So creating a well designed site is critical to marketing you and your business.

There are quite a few web design companies in West Lothian, but only a handful with a team that combines great design, development knowledge and project management skills.   But hey, this is not an attempt to convince you to use us, it is our chance to talk through with you the main priorities when deciding to commission a web designer to market your company online.

How to Select a Good Web Design Firm

  1. Check out their past work. Can they demonstrate the quality of what they have accomplished to see if it passes muster.
  2. Check out examples of their work across industry segments. If they use the same (or similar) templates for all, they are obviously not the ones for you.
  3. Find out how professional they are. If they don’t come across as well organised, they probably will not do a very good job of creating the website you want (and need).
  4. Finally, is their pricing right for your budget.  While you should be ready to pay for quality, getting a good price is  just as important.

Next, you should be able to brief them well and they to take that brief and build it around your brand and your objectives – so you need to be very clear about your objectives.  What is the message that you are trying to convey to your potential consumer audience and how do you want them to respond?

Important Considerations in the Website Design

  1. Home Page: The most important page in the overall scheme of things. This is the first point of contact with your prospective customer. It should be able to provide an immediate idea of your products and company as well as portray your branding at a glance.
  2. Content: Original well written content will work much more effectively than a set of links to other websites. After all the main point of having a website is to communicate your offering.
  3. User Friendliness: Websites that are easy to navigate keep visitors interested and increase the potential of converting visitors to paying customers.
  4. Well Organised: If the information pertaining to your products and services is well organised into categories, it makes for a much better experience for visitors.
  5. Simplicity: Your website should not be a test of the visitors’ navigation abilities. While providing all necessary information is important, equally important is providing an easily accessible contact link. Let the visitor get the point about your products and services quickly and establish contact with you.

I hope this illustrates the planning that goes into designing a website. But all this planning and brainstorming is well worth it as a good website can be a tremendous driver of business and pay for itself over and over again.

IS your website up to it or could we improve it with some attention to detail and a little TLC?

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