Leaflet Design is a Unique Marketing Art Form

Today, your business requires more exposure, more visibility than ever before in order to adequately and efficiently compete with your competition. In fact, competing isn’t the only consideration when it comes to advertising. You must be able to compete with them in a cost-effective way.

Brilliantly coloured folded leaflets are one way to show off your business in a very positive way and to present what you can offer using stylish, modern leaflet design to promote your business.

Paper and ink designs are geared toward reaching out to those who may not be using the internet or able to find your website. Even those companies who have a very firm online presence can benefit from printable brochures and leaflets with which to advertise their business.

One of the best ways that you can advertise today in the physical world is through the use of folded leaflets. Leaflet design is a very low cost way to make a big impression on your prospective customers. In fact, folded leaflets which are superbly printed and of crisp quality are an art form all of their own.

Your business can showcase your physical products, as well as digital ones, introduce your new website, or even your staff members using printed folded leaflets.

With plenty of room to offer the information that you want to share with your prospective customers, including sharp, detailed images and contact information, folded leaflets are the ideal way to advertise. The A5 leaflets are small enough to be carried, to be inserted into proposals and sent in a direct mail shot.  Yet, they are big enough to stand out on an exhibition on your table or even hung on miniature hanger bags at eye level to make your company stand out when competition for space is tight.

Kumo Ink has worked with so many different clients and in so many different market verticals that we know how to present your information on a folded leaflet to make the most of your company’s branding and key messaging.  Give us a call today to chat through your requirements we offer folded leaflets in A4 and A3 size as well as the A5 discussed above.