Ink And Print – Still Worth It In A Digital Age

In the digital age, business owners often wonder whether printed stationery is still worth the expense. With everything seeming to go digital, business to business communications rarely seem to take place on paper anymore.  We find more and more business owners questioning us on whether the cost of physical ink and paper printing is worth it in today’s economy.

Our answer is always a strong Yes!  We believe that stationery to print is still an important investment in your company. While it may seem that everything happens digitally today, the print market is still thriving. It is actually all around us but often overlooked in the rush. People just don’t realise how much printed stationery they use in business transactions anymore. It has become such a common way of advertising your business that it is often overlooked without connecting the role it plays in positioning your company.

We want to remind you that stationery definitely isn’t dead in the digital age. Instead, it simply needs to be printed in a more creative and thoughtful manner to make it stand out. Business to business transactions today rely on standing out from the crowd whilst looking professional, you do not want to serve up what everyone else has.  Business cards, letterheads, folded leaflets and compliment slips are a great way to market your business and leave an impression long after you have left the room so long as they really tell a story and reflect your brand identity.

For more dramatic marketing why not have a canvas effect of your team created from a photograph or if you need to stand out at an event have a pop up banner reflecting your brand created – our customers can recommend both of these products.

You should have the stationery you require so that your business is always presented in a professional and unique way.  After all, you may meet hundreds of business owners at an event or meeting, but when you get back to the office, the companies that have home-made or boring business cards or stationery are not going to be the ones you pick up the phone or refer business to.  Take pride in the ink and print offerings that your business uses and let us design an amazing set of business stationery that is guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd.