Is your Graphic Design holding your business back?

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, whether that be increasing your pricing, pitching to bigger businesses, competing more effectively in your niche and it is not happening, then read on, we may be able to help.

Amateur branding is so easy to spot but when setting out in business, designing your own logo and choosing your own brand colours on powerpoint can be a way to get your business started without incurring any costs.  However, after years of working in this industry and networking with businesses at all stages of growth, I can hand on heart say STOP! you are doing your business more harm than good and the cost to rectify this is so very small in comparison to the damage to your brand and the business that can be lost as a result of looking unprofessional.

Graphic design includes a variety of specific disciplines that deal with communication and the presentation of information through visual media. The term graphic design actually refers to the process of creating the designs and the end product image(s) and while this work was used in printing and signage traditionally, today graphic design is done on a computer regardless of the type of media in which the finished work appears and can be translated easily across all branding requirements.

As graphic designers, we use our skills to help our clients promote and position their business through branding (branding and corporate identity are often used interchangeably although they are slightly different concepts). Branding refers specifically to the trade name or trademark for a client, whereas corporate identity is a more general term that refers to a client’s image, structure and ethical code.

Our professional training can take your brand concept and position it as a world class business – placing you on a level footing with your competitors and give you the credibility and confidence to pitch to your ideal clients as a professional entity.

Our uses of graphic design are varied:

  • establishing an identity for a client (logos / websites / icons)
  • translating that brand into printable mediums – ( letter heads/ business cards / flyers etc)
  • creating advertisements or using our design skills for the packaging of a client’s product.

We frequently work with existing design elements: composition is an important job skill for all graphic designers, so never feel that your original work will be discarded – but it will be improved!

With the ongoing development of the World Wide Web in our business lives, we have looked into interface design – working on software applications that interact with the end user, but our primary work remains branding as above and then translating that brand onto the medium of print and/or a website.

The great part about this is that not only does it have such a huge impact on the way your business will be perceived, the cost of branding and marketing your business visually is not prohibitive to even the smallest business.  Seriously, give us a call and let us chat through your needs, you concerns and your goals.  We will be only too happy to help.