We’re Supporting Stuart Potter’s Biggest Journey

Kumo Ink is supporting Stuart Potter on his Biggest Journey for mental ill-health

400 miles, in 3 days. Follow Stuart Potter’s Biggest Journey Online @ http://www.biggestjourney.com/, live. starts: 19th June 2012

Kumo Ink has donated 5,000 flyers and a pop-up banner to help Stuart spread the word about his event and the cause.

About Biggest Journey

I want to reduce the stigma associated with mental ill-health, experienced by one in four people in the UK, I’m one of them. That’s why I’m riding my bike from Edinburgh to London and sharing my story on the way. 3 days, 4 different networking events – 400 miles.

Find out more about the event and donated online @ http://www.biggestjourney.com/