Designing a Logo for your Business

Logos are perhaps one of the most common things we are asked to produce as a graphic design company.  Your logo helps to identify your business whether on a business card, website, shop front or billboard.

As a rule in graphic design, these logos need to be simple and striking.  A professional designer will use a font that is basic and offer no more than two colors in the logo. For the shape, traditionally rectangular choices were often your best choice. However, we are asked for square logos more and more due to the fact they fit in social media profile boxes better.

The best logos are the ones that are easy to adapt through the vrious forms of media you use. They will typically be distinct from all the other major logos in your industry and will be identifiable the moment they are seen. Think Apple or McDonald’s. They should then fit on things like signs, ads, vehicles and other items that are used for your business.

Easy duplication through graphic design is important. Generally, you want a single letter or symbol in a font that stands out so that people can identify your brand, even if it is presented in greyscale.  With this, you also want to ensure that the mark or design that helps identify your logo is unique enough that it doesn’t blend in with others. Your company name should then be incorporated in a manner where it stands out and compliments this mark. Finally, a small strapline can be attached that serves as the slogan for your business.

Once you have the perfect logo for your business, don’t change it unless there is a real need to do so. Customers are going to identify with your logo and if you keep changing and updating it, you may confuse them. Instead, start off on the best possible footing by having a graphic design professional create a logo that will appear timeless and be one you are proud to display for as long as you remain in business.


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